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Studio Sessions

Find Brittney's schedule at

Core Power Yoga

Private Sessions

Book Tyler and/or Brittney Hall for a private workout session tailored to your needs


Every Tuesday

Gaia Flow Yoga Uptown

@ 8PM

Cardio Yoga Flow

Gaia Flow Yoga Uptown

3000 Blackburn St.

Unit 140B

Dallas, Tx 75204

Gaia Flow Yoga Class Schedule


"Tyler was very patient with our workout session. He was thorough and showed me how to correct my form. I did not feel uncomfortable but felt challenged and look forward to another workout sesh!"

Hall Strategies, LLC Strength & Conditioning Client

"What if there is more to our physical fitness than simple cardio and resistance training sessions? Could it be that our physical upkeep thrives in areas that we consider outside the box?...

Brittney Hall (Hall Strategies, LLC) not only provided us with some much needed knowledge, but she also opened our minds and changed our perspective"

eMotions Magazine

"This is the best athletic yoga class in Dallas! And Brittney is simply amazing. Shes always growing and sharing her class is never the same! Its so challenging and fun. I really look forward to coming"

Gaia Flow Class Pass Ocean Student  - 5 Star Review

"Brittney keeps this class so fresh and challenging. Her energy and positivity are contagious! Love her!!! Shes great at offering variations no matter what your skill level is."

Gaia Flow Class Pass Ocean Student - 5 Star Review

"Best class Ive ever taken at Gaia! Brittney was incredible! She was encouraging, helpful and made me feel energized yet relaxed at the same time. Cant wait to go back!

Gaia Flow Class Pass Ocean Student - 5 Star Review

"I find Ocean class challenging, but in a good way!Brittney is an enthusiastic and helpful instructor and she gives plenty of modifications for more challenging poses."

Gaia Flow Class Pass Ocean Student - 5 Star Review

"Britney is one of my favorite instructors in Dallas! She keeps this class fresh, challenging, and FUN!

Gaia Flow Class Pass Ocean Student - 5 Star Review

"Brittney is always the best. I prioritize this class because its ALWAYS worth my time! Brittney is the most inclusive and welcoming yoga instructor I've met in Dallas . Love her!!! She clearly plans and is intentional with every class. She sets a great example.

Gaia Flow Class Pass Ocean Student - 5 Star Review

"This class was awesome. From the instructor to the flow itself, everything was on point and I'd definitely take this class with Brittney again. It's good for all levels and really allows you to get deeper into your poses."

Gaia Flow Class Pass Desert Student - 5 Star Review

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