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As a breath, meditation and movement coach,

Brittney enjoys teaching the importance and purpose of BREATH as it relates to our Godly POWER.

The exhale is where our power is fully exerted and realized.

It is where we release barriers and obstacles like tension and stress.

It is where we push out and birth our purpose.

There is power in the RELEASE.

There is power in the PUSH.

There is power in the EXHALE.

Our sustaining breath is our life force and breath of life.

Genesis 2:7

Brittney facilitates mindfulness visualizations, meditations based on Philippians 4:8, breathwork, and movement sessions.

She is a mind, body, spirit connection advocate and as an Industrial Engineer, believes that these faculties make up a system that needs consistent recalibration in order to perform effectively and efficiently in alignment with God's original design.

Our intentional breath helps us balance the systems in our bodies, surrender, and bring us into a state of rest and peace.

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