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This is a picture I will share with my daughter...

This picture started as a progress picture to my family and friends, but as I continued taking more shots to get the “perfect angle”, I noticed the frame in the background. The hurt, and the pain is an ever present reality in our world today. My heart hurts for Mr. George Floyd, my heart bleeds for Ms. Breonna Taylor, my heart mourns for Mr. Ahmaud Arbery, and the many other African Americans who have wrongfully lost their lives due to hatred, racism and injustice.

I have been working on finding balance between staying informed and doing what is necessary to maintain my emotional, mental and spiritual peace during my pregnancy. I refuse to pass down trauma to my unborn daughter.

Just last week, my company announced one of their largest layoffs which made local news. All I could do was pray 🙏🏾

I have been journaling current events to Baby Hall throughout my pregnancy which consists of a pandemic, the wrongful loss of black lives and the side affects such as layoffs/high unemployment, quarantines, protests, looting & riots (that are being infiltrated by opposing organizations) and so much more. Many of these painful events have disproportionately, directly affected and heavily impacted the African American community!

While death and despair have been the main headline, I am also determined to focus and journal on the positive to Baby Hall.

  • The quarantine has allowed Tyler to be more present every step of the way and more involved during our first pregnancy

  • I am cooking more than ever and have been learning new recipes from family matriarchs and chefs!

  • I am even more aware of the music I indulge in, to ensure that Baby Hall has a well rounded playlist from classical to worship, to self empowering music and podcasts!

  • SpaceX became the first private company to launch humans into orbit

  • My yoga practice has changed tremendously as I find peace in nature:

I consider myself a strong activist, and it hurts to watch my community peacefully protest and not be able to be a part physically, but I know I must do what I need to do to ensure the physical and emotional wellness of my daughter. From my home in quarantine, I continue to do what I can to assist in invoking change (calls/emails/donations)!

In the middle of all of this, my little sister currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota along with many of my family members. I continually call to make sure she is safe and well!

2020 started with a pandemic that affected the air we breathe, to us now protesting the wrongful death of Mr. George Floyd, whose last words were “I can’t breathe”...

I continue to pray for change, liberation, and revolution! May our voices be heard ✊🏾🖤

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